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Why do I? Because it works for me. I am not a powerful lifter nor will I be unless I join the darkside. But I have a respectable look for a guy who has only ran 3 PH cycles in almost 4 yrs of lifting. One cycle per year for the first 3.

I can't claim to be natural as per NGA rules, you must be off of ban substances for 7 yrs to be able to compete as a natural. It irks me to see people that I personally know to be natural when they haven't met that criteria. But this is another subject.

But the reason I bring up the other subject is the amount of weight that I work with would be thought to be pansy weight by some. Your limit is your limit unless you are getting chemical assistance. I'm not saying what I do can't be tweaked, but I just know I can't squeeze much more out. Keep in mind I wasn't a lifter until age 38, so I never was able to take advantage of hyperplasia like my son is now. Thank goodness I learned about lifting in time for him to blossom

How's that for long winded tangents?

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