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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
You aren't at a very high body fat right now, so a 2-3 month cut before trying to put on mass wouldn't be out of the question. This would also give you some time to nail down a proper eating approach.

A few questions first...

Have you ever eaten using a bodybuilding style diet before?

Have you ever trained previously and added on noticeable muscle and strength?

The reason I ask these questions is that if you cut without knowing how to train or eat properly, it could result in a higher percentage of muscle loss.

With a solid eating and training approach, I would go for the cut first, and then by Christmas you can be on track to use 2011 to hit your goals...
Thanks for the advice- I've never use a bodybuilding diet before while training. I've trained previously in college my first 1.5 year of serious lifting i put on 25-30 lbs of mass. Ever since i had my son i've been in and out of the gym but now i truely want to get serious to be a example my children can live by.

What type of diet should is use to drop body fat?
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