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indianballer is off to a bad start

yeah you definately want to be at 75 mg's if not 100 with h-drol. Also, as they've said, 6 weeks is a good length for h-drol because it's so long acting and takes awhile to get in the body and start working. It's also not a great bulking compound, so if you were expecting explosive strength gains and 10-15 lbs of lean muscle you might have picked the wrong compound. IMO it's great for a MILD compound to maintain muscle mass during a cut, or to aid in doing a recomp, but that's all. It is what it is. I promise you won't be disapointed with m-drol. Definately do take a couple months off though so your receptors are fresh and your body recovered, even though you didn't FEEL anything your liver was sure as **** working hard for 4 weeks. Hit it hard natural for 8 weeks and then give it hell with the m-drol brother. Good luck!
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