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indianballer is off to a bad start

the gains might be similar, not quite as pronounced, but pretty close as far as strength gains go. It's MUCH more androgenic that d-bol, so some sides you might want to watch out for would be aggression, balding, growing prostate (difficulties urinating or cumming), but being that it's more androgenic, the gains will also be dryer, so you might see in increase in cuts and vascularity and overall muscle hardness. Overall, though, it's much harsher on the body, so it's not recommended that one stays on over 4 weeks and 3 weeks is really the best bet. D-bol, on the other hand, has been long-proven to be relatively safe, and 6 week kickstarts or standalone cycles are not uncommon.

I would say make sure your support supps are in order, especially BP and liver supps, and have a strong PCT lined up. I am a strong supporter of SERMs for all cycles but especially with a compound as strong and suppressive as this. I would dose it at 40 mg's for the first week and if you feel you need to then jump to 60 for the 2nd and 3rd weeks but I would strongly discourage from going over 3 caps a day. Not saying I haven't done it in the past, but the sides will greatly outweigh the benefits, at least in my experience. Good luck if you plan to run it, but I think m1,4add might be a better option for you.

As I said in the other thread it's a precursor to D-bol. With that one I would say cycle it for 4 to 6 weeks depending on how you feel and how much money you have to spend on it. I think you'll need at least 2 bottles for a good cycle. I have 4 on hand for my next run lol.

Dose it at 90-150 mg's starting at 90 and going up from there, obviously listening to your body and watching out for any sides.

Overall it's a safer option than Alpha One, but it does aromatize, so estrogen can become a problem, especially at higher doses, so beware if you're prone to gyno. I'd suggest having a middle of the road AI on hand in case you do start feeling some itching in your nipples. Arimidex is my fav, but ATD or 6-bromo would probably suffice if you want to stay on the legal side.

Best of luck whichever route you decide to go bro!
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