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The Top 50 Un-Manly Things to Do

The Top 50 Un-Manly Things to Do - Associated Content -

50. Attend a boy band concert. This one is number 50 because it is possible to use the argument that you are "looking for other females".

49. Shave more than 2 times a week.

48. Wear mousse/gel in your hair. Please, don't do this to yourself!

47. Washing dishes. Someone has to do it right? However, could you imagine Hulk Hogan doing dishes?

46. Rat out a man to a woman. This one could go either way.

45. Have long straight hair and you are not a professional wrestler, artist, musician, or writer. Self-explanatory.

44. Singing in the shower. Need me to elaborate?

43. Remember an Anniversary. Yes, we must do this to survive any relationship, but you shouldn't be reminding your significant other!

42. Dress you dogs up for Halloween.

41. Go to an aerobics class

40. Attend a WNBA game.

39. Eating a salad. Unless it is part of an entire meal.

38. Whistling to Beyonce's "irreplaceable" song

37. Asking for directions. Men rather get lost than admit they have no idea where they are going.

36. Going to tanning beds. No need for that, the sun does just fine.

35. Researching food before you eat it. When I say researching, I mean finding out how many calories the food has in it.

34. Getting exciting to watch Grey's Anatomy. Watching it is not the problem, it's getting really happy when you know its about to come on that's the problem.

33. Own a Chihuahua. Not that you need a pit bull or anything but a Chihuahua?

32. Volunteer to cuddle your girlfriend. It's a must in every relationship, but its not necessary to volunteer, it will happen eventually.

31. Decorating your place. There is a difference between decorating and organizing your room!

30. Drive a Mazda Miata or Volkswagen Cabriolet.

29. Have a tongue ring.

28. Being scared to wear pink. Men shouldn't be scared to do anything.

27. Actually wearing pink. Wearing it is another thing!

26. Letting your woman work while you are at home playing the Xbox 360. No excuse for that laziness.

25. Watching Mean Girls. Are you serious?

24. Eating chocolate and worrying at the same time that you're going to get fat.

23. Asking a female if you look fat. Judge for yourself and hope for the best.

22. Watching Soap Operas.

21. Taking a "chaser" with your alcoholic drink. Only exception is Everclear or something near that effect.

20. Complaining to your roommate that he/she is messy. Not taking out the trash is one thing, but having some clothes on the floor is another.

19. Going to Starbucks and ordering a drink with 8 different ingredients.

18. Calling a tow truck when you have a flat tire. You should have known how to do this when you are 8.

17. Get sex advice from a gay guy. Need I say more?

16. Change your clothes more than once before leaving the house. Just keep it simple.

15. Taking dance classes. Learn on your own.

14. Attend a taping of "The View".

13. Post a shirtless picture of yourself on a message board full of men.

12. Wearing bikini briefs. Why would you do that?

11. Using fruit-scented lotions. A guy smelling like peaches isn't the most masculine smell there is.

10. Looking in the mirror more than twice per day.

9. Drinking fruit flavored beer. This includes Smirnoff Ice! Picture Ving Rhames with a bottle of Bacardi Silver; not very tough looking is it?

8. Have your girlfriend cuddle you. How does that work anyway?

7. Wax or shave your legs. Unless you are into sports and it requires them to get shaved.

6. Carrying your girlfriend's purse. Do not do it, you lose any power that you have gained.

5. Hitting a woman. Only if there is a mutual understanding, which usually isn't considering hitting.

4. Shop more than your girlfriend. Just get what you need guys!

3. Picking up a female "product". It just isn't right.

2. Being judgmental. It will just start a huge argument.

1. Answering anything but" Sure, the look nice honey", when a females asks you if her shoes look cute. Enough said!

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