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A few days ago I went to buy an under armor bag for school and a pair of dry fits. Dicks decided that they could not accept my debit card, it just wasn't working. So after trying it a second time, and having it "not work" again, I decided to hit the ATM across the street. At this point in time I was pissed off, but not to the point where I was mad at Dicks... Yet. I get to the ATM to find out I am missing almost 200 dollars. I call the bank only to find out that yes indeed there are two debits from Dicks on my account.
One of two things are happening here. The cashier made an honest mistake, or they are trying to steal from you, and cover it up through the store.

I make the rational decission to continue the direction of home rather than back to the store because had I gone back in there it would not have been pretty for anyone that happened to be in my way.
I'm failing to see your logic with this move. Your across the street, and this event just happened. This seems like the time when you would go back to work this issue. You failed at this point! Moreover, you are compounding the situation by not dealing with it in as timely a manner as you could. All the principle parties are on scene and you choose to walk away?

So I called instead, messed around for about an hour on the phone/ People I needed to speak to were not there.
This could have been avoided had you dealt with the issue as previously mentioned.

Saturday however the manager was in. He was a complete Dick through and through, stating that he really didn't have time to look into it... So here I sit, stewing on this, still dont have the bag I wanted. Heading back to Dicks today to purchase the bag with cash this time obviously, and to have words with this "manager". I am farking livid.
This is where having dealt with the situation when it was fresh may have prevented this from happening. Now we are at the point where he is left to wonder, honest customer, or somebody trying to steal from me?

Customer service is a two way street. You should have helped them to help you. By going back right away, the cashier could have backed up the fact that you had tried to use your card twice. Had the cashier lied about it, then you could have your bank give you the records or you could print them off yourself from your own computer, and show them the transactions.

You didn't handle this correctly.

Had to fill out dispute paperwork with my bank etc. all because these morons wont work with me and make things right.
This is not that hard to do, and quite frankly is much easier today to get done than it used to be. This is a tool at your disposel to use, not an issue to get angry about.

The manager seemed nice enough, he dealt with my not so pleasant demeanor and promissed me that that the funds would be returned to my account Monday no questions asked, gave me his personal phone number etc and the hours he works so I can follow up with him. Then he proceeded to apologize for whoever the rude SOB I talked to yesterday was. Defenitely got alot better outcome by showing up and demanding resolution face to face than I did over the phone, sad it has to work that way but I guess that is just the world we live in.

Is this the same manager that was a jerk to you earlier? Has the money been returned?

You should write to the main office, and in a well worded, professional tone tell them of this situation. They will want to know about it. Tell them both the bad, and the good side of the story.

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I have dealt with many companys, and have always gotten good service when I had an issue. Remain calm, but stay firm with your complaint. Don't expect more than what you are entitled too, but get what you are due.

As far as big companys not caring as someone mentioned. This is not really true of all companys. I have gotten free products, and discounts from many large companys when I have had an issue, or simply asked for it.
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