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Originally Posted by Fcat611 View Post
I've been lifting for about a year.
Then we will say your an intermediate lifter. You have enough conditioning to work a proper program geared towards your goals.

Gained a few pounds but thats it.
Have you gotten stronger in the last year? What are your current lifts?

For diet I eat protein every 3 hours with some protein shakes and I eat normal meals breakfst lunch and dinner.

Ive made many mistakes.
Everybody makes mistakes, welcome to the club.

Had a thread at another site and hundred diffrent opinions.
There always will be. Have I spoken to you on another site?

machines are ok.
This is true. However, I prefer barbells, for various reasons.

Rippletoes is good.
Yes, it is
5x5 is good.
Yes, it is
Jay Cutler routine is good.
NO! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take any pro's routine, and use it. That routine is for, reading entertainment purpose's only! Your not that pro, on many levels, and will fail on their routine.

HIT is good.
When used properly. Don't worry about this stuff right now.

Im so confused
I'm not surprised, I hope we can help you.

I thought more would be better no matter what I did?
Actually, it the opposite.

Could I train only 2 or 3 times each week and do more whole body?
Yes, this is the plan I will show you. It's not the only way to train, but has worked well for the last 70 years. It will work for you too.
You have some homework to do before we get started.
Read this information. Read this article first, and read it twice.

The WeighTrainer - The Rules of Productive Weight Training for The Drug-Free Trainee

At your leisure read the rest of Casey's work, but do read all of it.

The WeighTrainer - Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strength Training, Nutrition

Lots of good reading avalable here as well. Sign up for the free pdf magazine he offers. It has lots of solid old school training methods.

This post will be cont. I will add to it, as I edit it.

Read this program, this is a solid program that will make you grow, if you put forth the work required. There are some variations that can be done to it, but for now do this. Don't confuse what I said about Jay Cutler's routine, and this Arnold routine. This routine is appropriate for you. Don't worry that it is labled a beginners routine.

Is there any equipment that this calls for that you don't have access to? Just to be clear, it is the first workout in the article to use. Read the link for the directions. The only part of the directions that I would change is, take as little rest as possible between sets. About 1 minute is enough. Work to complete the workout in no more than an hour.

If you think there's not enough variety with this plan, your wrong. There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Don't let your ego get in the way. Start with a weight that will allow you to move up in weight easily, over the first few weeks. When you go on a wholebody routine, you need to allow for your body to adapt to the workload. This is a lot of work, as you will find out.

Back Squats 55
Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups 55
Dips or Bench Press 55
Wrist Work (Grip Work) 210
Calves 215-20

Workout B

Front Squats 55
Rows 55
Standing Press 55
Deadlifts 35 (2 warm-up sets and 1 “stabilizer set”)
Wrist Work 210
Calves 215-20

Week 1: A, B, A
Week 2: B, A, B
Week 3: A, B, etc

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