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Default Rank the Brands

Alright, so, here's my story...

I started my supplement career with all GNC brands, cuz that's all I knew. Then I discovered Optimum Nutrition and Controlled Labs. I'm not one that relies on my supplements in order to get results. I think that 90%-95% of our performance is achieved on attitude, effort, quality programming, and diet (from the solid foods we eat and buy at grocery stores).

That being said, I'm not so sure I'm getting the most out of those brands. And, I really don't keep up with supplements too much. So, here are some popular brands that I would consider taking. I know there are some out there that are complete shit and just hopped up on advertisements. Rank them and add some others I may not be aware of.

Optimum Nutrition
Controlled Labs
Gaspari Nutrition
Muscle Tech

The other reason I ask, is I'm trying to help out a supplement distribution company optimize their inventory and streamline their website. They offer far too many brands, unknown brands, and sub par products.

So, help me out and educate me!

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