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Default Need feedback on my bodybuilding routine

I'm 5'9, 147.

4 day split day 1 day 2 rest day 1 day 2 rest rest
Day 1
Barbell Bench Press 6-8x4
incline Dumbell press 6-8x4
Standing Military press 6-8x4
Barbell upright row 6-8x4
Tris Close Grip Bench Press 6-8x4
Lying extension 6-8x4
Day 2 Legs And Back/biceps 90 sec rest
Squat 6-8x4
Leg Press 6-8x4
Lying Leg cull 6-8x4
Deadlift 6-8x4
Chins up(wide grip) 8-10x4
Dumbell Rows 6-8x4
Barbell Curl 6-8x4
Seated Ez Bar preacher curl 6-8x4

Both days have Abdominal Crunchs and hanging leg raises 12-15 15 sec rest 3sets
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