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MACHIN3 is off to a bad start
Arrow MACHIN3 training, preparing for Oct. 3rd VEGAS WORLDS

I will be competing in Las Vegas, at the 100% RAW Worlds.

You are allowed a belt and that is it in regards to gear, no suits, no wraps, no sleeves, no drugs. it is tested and they test at least 10% of the lifters and round up if needed, they tested 4 people at the meet I was at out of 30-35 lifters.

It will be at the Riviera Hotel on the strip if anyone wants to come spectate.

I will be competing at 220lbs and be going for 1300+ total

My best gym lifts are
432/370/525 1327

Best meet lifts are
375/348/518 1241

My last meet I cut the weight too fast and too harsh, I lost 12lbs in 2-3 days and my legs never really recovered until 3 days after the meet. Hopefully I will be cutting less water weight that close to this meet.

If you wish to see any of my previous lifts all my maxes and vids from my PLing meet can be found here

YouTube - ‪sapper564's Channel‬‎

so I have a 7 week routine that i will be following starting with volume/weakness phase then moving onto a peaking phase.
I will be on vacation on the road for a few days later this month they will be total rest days, and I will come back from them recharged and ready to destroy some weights.

Feel free to follow along.
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