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Default Spike Diet went to print!

Hey Muscle and Brawn

I can finally relax for a bit, the book is totally done and it went to print last Friday, there will be 200 advanced copies done and ready to ship at the end of this week! My publisher has a couple couple thousand on order that will be done in about a month, the commercial prints take quite a bit longer. The 200 will be considered first edition and I will sign all of them, also the back page will be a bit different to distinguish them from the majority.

I could use your guy's help in spreading the word, maybe just becoming a fan on facebook or telling people about this. The odds of a small book like this making it big are very small but I believe with the internet and help it's possible. The Spike Diet is my blood, sweat, and tears. From years of being picked on at school for being fat, and the pain and shame of being an obese adult I am finally broken from that path. I really hope that this book will help millions.
I also hope that this also starts a revolution of who is actually writing these types books. I want guys like Steve writing workout books(which he is) and there is a girl at that like me grew up overweight and now that she has lost 40+lbs on the Spike Diet she is looking to write an inspirational book directed towards overweight teen-age girls. IMO, I want to read about someone who has experienced what I am going through and found a solution for it. I am sick of reading diet books from skinning old Doctors who have NO idea of what it is like being overweight.

If you want more information my website is:
The Spike Diet - A Break From Conventional Diets
For testimonials go to
Testimonials The Spike Diet - A Break From Conventional Diets

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Thanks for taking a look,


Here's my first book review, albeit from my book design artist. He has reviewed many different books and it's cool for me to read his take on it. My publicist is sending some of the advanced copies out for review from other media outlets so I should have some real media reviews in a couple of months.


I took a read through your book. It's refreshing, assuring and very informative. I also think that it makes sense, although hard to believe at times considering how inundated we've become with conflicting information about diet and exercise and lifestyle. I really like that you had a very practical approach to the recipes and shopping at the grocery store.

I should expand on this a bit because I think it's a really great program for these reasons: It makes the relationship between food and person exactly what it is, a source of energy, source of celebration and a product to be respected and enjoyed-not a pariah. I also like that there is the emphasis on exercise and activity. What I really liked is the math involved with this, so that it really does put a person in control of their body and have a visual accountability for it and tools to use. That is really key with this is the tracking, the facts and the approach. It's really a science class in body management and health rather than a quick fix or crappy fad diet that says you don't have to exercise. I have to look at the math closer because that may be part of what has prevented me from ever losing that pudge around my gut and love handles. Even at my lowest weight and fittest moments, pudge. Which, I have to say; I'm drawn to this book because I've lived a very similar lifestyle to what it discusses except more. More information, more evidence and more structure. I'm notorious for starting tracking and then letting life's interruptions get in the way of tracking, not necessarily eating and exercise, but tracking.

It was inspiring cause the expert stuff that you wonder about but it's right there for you and understandable.

Anthony Sclavi
Design & Illustration
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The Spike Diet is my dream come true. 20 years of yo-yo dieting is now at an end, and I am now finally able to follow a plan for the rest of my life that will keep me fit and not deprive myself of the foods I love.

Please visit for more information.
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