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Originally Posted by DieselWeasel View Post
I'm drunk and really trying to restrain myself from releasing a bunch of expletives in your direction, kman. I'll come back to this thread when I'm sober.

Originally Posted by nighttrain View Post
Kman--- PM me and i will help you out, kinda point you in the right direction... but you must understand that there are very few jobs in the Army where you will never see "combat" or the current war.... and militray police is not one you wanna get into if you dont want to see the war...... moving to PM whenever you send one and i will answer tonight when i get home form work....
not sure if there's even any specific questions to PM...

last night i wrote this post after working all day at like 3 in the morning... obviously i'm probably going to at one point see combat if in the army... basically i just want to know which jobs will be the "safest"/have the most benefits/set me up for an army career or for my future career?

Originally Posted by Trevor Lane View Post
Kman, any job in the Army will likely see deployment/combat, but you can pick a job that will get you a more marketable skill after your service is over. As far as getting more rank before coming in, there are basically 2 ways. 1 is to have a college degree, if you have an associates you'll automatically be an E-3 and if you have a bachelors you get E-4. Also with a college degree, you can become an Officer instead of enlisting. 2nd is to be an Eagle Scout and I believe they make you an E-2 or E-3 for that. I personally would explore other branches of service to minimize deployment chances or at least length, epsecially the Air Force or the Coast Guard. Hopefully that helps.
thanks a lot, this really helps. that's what i wanted to know. from the little research i did, i found out i dont want to be an E-1 haha, that may be a better route.

also Air Force sounds pretty badass, depending on what the job. this is one of the things i'm wondering- i've seen the videos of the guys in planes or whatever who man guns, ect. how hard is a job like that to come by?

also i'm not too fond of being on a boat for a prolonged period of time, so i'm guessing coast guard is out of the question

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
One thing I recommend is doing your homework. Research military jobs that are less likely to put you on the front lines like Unit Supply Specialist or Cook. Sure, you might get deployed, but you can go into the recruiter's office, say I want this, this or this, and if he won't help you, go the the recruiter in the next town.

And I agree with Trevor...explore other branches. I would try Air Force first. I don't know much about the Navy.
thanks and that's what i've heard.

I want to make my self clear- part of the reason for considering doing this is because i love and want to serve this country. right now things are looking up in my regular life- connections for future jobs, ect so i i dont "need to join". the reasons are to serve the country and the benefits-
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