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Default Just wanted to introduce myself

I dont know how I came across this sight a while back but it really has a lot of good info on it I'm familiar with most of the stuff but its good to see it all in one place. Its a shame there arent more people on it. The routines in the rotuines section are some of the best routines for average lifters around. I'm 32 about 6ft 225 right now my max bench is around 350-370 depending on my weight I recently been learning to professional wreslte so it hurts my gains a lot. The rest of my strength is pretty propotinate but the wrestling kills my squats and deads if my back doesnt hurt to bad to even do them. my goal bench 400 deadlift 600 if my max dead is proably about 500 but I my backs been banged up alot. I do full body routines kinda of a cross between hit-reg park-and 5x5 I do

Bench 2x3-8
chin or bent row 2x5-10
db military 1 set faliure 5-12 reps
leg press or deadlift 1 or 2 balls to the walls sets I usually alternate them or do the one thats hurts the least at the time lol

curls 2x4-10
overhead tri ext or pressdown 1 or 2 sets

this workout is set up to build a prowrestler type physique it woud actually be a good routine for any one trying to build a power type build. I know the leggs arent getting there fair share but its set up to work legs enough not to hinder overall gains and take away form my upperbody
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