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Default ElementalVirago's GR8 HT-8 Log

Thanks to nighttrain and the good people at Anabolic Addiction, I've been chosen to do a training log and review of their HT-8 product that claims to provide "Pure Energy, Focus and Stamina." The review will be written and published after the log.

ht-8 pure clean energy

In the past I have tried other energy/fat burning supplements such as Hydroxycut (made me too jittery so I stopped), Lipo 6 Black Hers (felt like crack on day one, after that I just didn't want to eat EVER, had sleep issues also), and Five Hour Energy shots (which I like but seemed to build up a tolerance to very quickly). While the HT-8 is not touted as a thermogenic, per se, I'm looking forward to seeing if it does provide the long-lasting clean energy and euphoria with no crash as it promises. The informal reviews I've read on this product are overwhelmingly positive.


Since Wednesday, June 30th, I've been on a strict 50-30-20 diet which has already proved to be challenging, but has been made easier with the assistance of a food log on MyPlate - Food Diary & Food Calorie Counter | LIVESTRONG.COM. With this tool, I'm able to plan my meals a day in advance to ensure the 50-30-20 ratio is being met, instead of just guessing and logging what I eat AFTER the fact and hope for the best. I am using this diet to attempt to cut body fat while still maintaining lean mass. I'm really feeling the effects of this semi low-carb diet so I'm hoping that the HT-8 can give me some energy that I'm lacking. I've set my calorie goal at 1800 but I've been ending the day anywhere between 1500-1700 calories consistently. If I need to adjust caloric intake based on results, I will.


I'm currently using an 8 week training regimen from Muscle & Fitness Hers (created by Kim Oddo) that they put together for a transformation contest. While I'm not in the contest, I needed to change my former routine up so I thought I'd give this a whirl. It consists of two phases (4 weeks each phase), and I'm a week into Phase II. This phase is more challenging as it offers more compound lifts with more weight/fewer reps. Phase II requires a 5 day split and I've been doing cardio (mostly HIIT) on the off days and after lifting when able.


I'll mostly be tracking my weight during this log, as I'm looking to lose fat while maintaining muscle but I will provide measurements from time to time. I'm hoping to lose at least 1 pound a week but no more than 1.5 pounds a week.

Age: 37
Height: 5'4"
Weight as of this morning: 153.5 (down from 155 on June 30)
Bust: 34
Waist: 27.5
Hips: 38 (yes, I have a butt haha)
Thigh: 24.5
Bicep: 12

According to Home Body Fat Test I'm at 24.5% body fat. (37.5 Pounds of fat and 115.5 Pounds of lean). I would like to see what I look like at 18% body fat. In order for me to be 18% bf at my current mass, I'd have to weigh 142.5 (115.5 lbs lean + 27 lbs fat) which is a loss of 11 pounds. It would be nice to see that number again!

It's 10:25 am on July 4th, Independence Day. The recommended dosage on the bottle is 1 to 2 capsules daily. I will start with 1 capsule and see what happens. If anyone has suggestions about this log (what you'd like to see, what you don't want to see) just let me know and I will try to accommodate. Bottoms up, and Happy Holidays, everyone!
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