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Default Every Step for Universal Screening

My mother and I are doing a charity event for the "Hunters Hope" Organization. I personally know Jim and Jill Kelly, they are great caring people. Jim Kelly is the former hall of fame quarter back of the buffalo bills.

If any of you want to help out I am leaving a link, donations are appreciated doesn't matter how little or small everything helps. No pressure on any one to do so, I am just trying to help my mother out, and this is the only place were I trust the people enough to ask. Hunter's Hope Foundation:

Here is some info on the event:

"Why Iím walking in Every Step

Every child, in every state, needs to be tested for every disease possiable. It is estimated that thousands of children die or become permanently disabled every year because they are born in the wrong state. Everyday another disease will take another childís life. Hunterís Hope is advocating for Universal Newborn Screening. I want to help because I realize that everyone is affected by this inequality in our country. Every child deserves to be screened for every possible disease regardless of which state they live in. Together, we can help save childrenís lives.

Please Join Us

I will be participating in Every Step, The Walk for Universal Newborn Screening. Every child. Every time. Everywhere.ô. You can support me in this walk to save our childrenís lives by sponsoring me and/or walking. Every Step we take together can make a difference! Your donation will make a difference.

About Hunter's Hope

Established in 1997 by Jim Kelly and his wife Jill, after their infant son, Hunter (February 14, 1997 - August 5, 2005) was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, an inherited fatal nervous system disease. While Jim and Jill have been blessed with the opportunity to share Hunterís story and the hope of the Foundation named after their son all over the world their greatest passion is to bring encouragement and hope to families in the midst of suffering. The Foundationís mission and focus is threefold: to fund research necessary to treat and cure Krabbe disease as well as other devastating leukodystrophies, increase newborn screening standards across the United States to obtain early detection and treatment for all treatable diseases, and ultimately Hunterís Hope exists to inspire all parents to thank God for their children."

Thanks again for anyone who can help out. BTB I hope this isn't violating any forum rules, if so I will take the post down. If anyone has any questions they would like to ask or what not feel free to pm me.

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