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Thumbs up Review: USP jack3d

Review on USP jack3d. its NO supplement.

I like this supplement, so far i have only tried jack3d and white flood. I like them both.

This supplement was very good. Just follow the directions, drink enough water and you will be fine. It did what it suppose to do. (question: is it okay to put this or something like this in water and drink it after few hours?)

Taste 6/10 -- It was not that bad. Its only bad if you didn't mix it.
Price 10/10 -- It was cheaper than NO Xplode, it may look less but they say it doesn't have fillers.
Mix 8/10 -- It mix fine, but when you have little left in the container it kinda gets kinda hard, so its harder to mix.

I would recommend it.

This review is not very good, let me know if you need to know anything more.
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