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OK, so I helped my friend tear down his roof for about 3 hours yesterday, so I didn't bother lifting. So I'm going to do my monday and wednesday workouts today and friday.

Deadlift: 135, 225, and 315 for 5 for warmups.
365 for 5, 4, then 2. Then 315 for a quick 6.
Incline DBBP: 70's for 5, then 85's for 5, then 75's for 3x5
Pullups: Still 4x5 for body weight, then hammer grip for another 5. I don't seem to be improving on these. Any ideas?
Lateral raises: 25 lbs 3x12

Freaking psyched getting up 365 and 85's for multiple reps. I'm not even using my Alpha-GPC yet!

I feel as though the NO2 Black is helping me with my pumps, a lot. It's great!
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