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Default LG Sciences T-911 75 Tablets

LG Sciences T-911 75 Tablets


What would you pay for the feeling of being pumped and confident? Would you pay $1000 to have the mental assertiveness to get the girl, score the winning goal and take charge at work? Did you ever have a day that you just felt on top of the world, strong, powerful and assertive (even bordering on aggressive). Remember what that was like? Imagine living with that confidence and assertiveness every day of your life! Only by precise ingredients is this even possible... LG Sciences T-911

Sadly, when we start to age, our bodies produce less and less testosterone, which makes us lose that edge. Whether that edge is in the gym or the bedroom, we need it in every facet of our life. Sadly, most Americans spend WAY too much money on pills to solve our testosterone crisis without going to the root of the problem. Viagra, anti-depressants and stimulants are becoming part of the every day diet. What if you could replace all of those synthetic
LG Sciences T-911
Price $27.95
List Price $54.99
You Save 49%

products with something that may naturally gives you all three? Would you pay $10,000 to get that feeling back and leave all of those other pills in the trash? I bet you would...

Luckily, LG Sciences T-911 is on the market that may help your low moods. This feeling is a combination of intense factors in the right combination's that may give immediate results. Whether you take one before the big game or before your important meeting or even before you crawl into bed with that hottie you met at the bar, you now have the confidence to make things happen.

This is a precise blend of ingredients that may make you roar with confidence, boost testosterone and increase sex drive. The first ingredient is straight Yohimbine, which is proven in clinical studies to not only deliver energy, but also vastly increase sex drive! This ingredient is fed directly into your bloodstream and gives that immediate sense of alertness, confidence and sexual intensity. Yohimbine has been proven in numerous clinical trials to increase sex drive, erectile quality and alertness, so it is the perfect choice to give you that initial boost.

The next phase is about reducing estrogen and giving you another pathway to both boost testosterone and increase sex drive. Androsterone is a natural metabolite in the body that reduces estrogen which increases testosterone and is proven to reduce aromatase (that nasty enzyme that turns your hard earned testosterone into UGLY estrogen. It also is a 5aReduced androgen, which as a class have been shown to be potant neuro-stimulants. Neuro-stimulants don't get you wired, they make you more alert, aggressive and intense. So, Androsterone has published studies showing that it can reduce aromatase and increase mental intensity.

Natural SERMs are used as our third phase that may reduce estrogen even further and boost testosterone via a second pathway. Both resveratrol and ellagic acid have published clinical data showing them to be effective SERMs. Resveratrol is even shown in the scientific literature to potentially increase sperm counts which leads to stronger and fuller ejaculate volume. Ellagic Acid is also quickly metabolized in the stomach and by the liver, so putting this key SERM in your system quickly is important to giving it the maximum effect. We only use 90% and higher extracts of both resveratrol and ellagic acid, which make it more than twice as potent as the nearest competitor!

Finally, without the proper support nutrients, you can take pounds of the above mentioned ingredients without much good. People have been taking up to 1200mg of resveratrol without ANY success. So, quit wasting money on ineffective formulas. The addition of HydroxyPropyl Beta Cyclodextrin gives that immediate absorbency without delay and Luteolin, mops up any salivary enzymes, so LG Sciences T-911 is delivered in its purest form directly into your system!

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 75

Amount Per Serving

Testosterone Support Complex - 150mg
Ellagic Acid (Proprietary Standardized Extract)
Resveratrol (Porprietary Standardized Extract)

Other Ingredients
Sucrose, Sorbitol, N&A Cherry Flavor, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Sucralose.


As a dietary supplement, dissolve one tablet in mouth and swallow twice per day.
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