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Thumbs down I wouldn't spend my money on their vitamin pak...

And here's why (you can read along with me):

Animal Pak - The Ultimate Vitamin Pack For Intense Trainers | Muscle & Strength

1. They still use Ergocalciferol. REALLY!? Cholecalciferol is superior. And the frustrating thing is, this changes between when the product came out. I saw some packs that had it, and some that didn't.

2. If I'm downing that many freaking pills, I want my minerals chelated properly, none of this oxide/sulfate bull****. At least the chromium is in its picolinate form.

3. Why the amino acid complex? Just eat some freaking protein.

4. 2g of Siberian ginseng and only 250 mg of Oriental ginseng? If I want to take my ginseng, I'll take it separately, thanks. I'd rather down a couple one gram capsules than a massive horse pill with a grainy surface.

5. 25 mg of Carnitine? Really? Why bother adding it? The same amount is probably found in a small piece of steak.

6. Coenzyme A is basically pantothenic acid. It's not hard for your body to make CoA from pantothenic acid. So why bother with the supplementation? It's probably mostly broken down by the time it gets into your blood stream anyways. Give your digestive enzymes some credit.

7. 200 mg of Linoleic Acid and 100 mg of Oleic acid is just plain stupid. Oleic acid is an Omega-9 fatty acid, which your body can make, and why include an (underdosed) omega 6 supplement without the Omega 3? If you're looking to increase inflammation, just throw in some Arachidonic acid while you're at it.

8. Coenzyme B12? Cyanocobalamin is an already massive vitamin as it is, requiring receptor mediated endocytosis by having to attach to intrinsic factor for intestinal absorption, and needing R protein just to survive the stomach.

9. Their product changes a lot over time as well, some good, some bad, so it's basically the same regardless.

10. Oh and wait... THIS IS TWO PACKS!? NO WAY!!! SCREW THAT...
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