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Originally Posted by Bodybygamma View Post
Westside has some great ideas and concepts, but is ideal for the "geared" lifter and not the best for raw lifters or beginning raw power-lifters.

Speed work aka Dynamic Effort, Week to Week Max Effort via Louie's "Conjugate" Method and specialized assistance work don't have the same effect for people who don't have a accurate representation of a one rep max, and haven't lifted one rep maxes long enough to establish a sticking point due to accommodating leverages and muscle imbalances over lack of technique.

Lifting a bar fast, if you haven't developed good stabilization and form will have little carry over in the long run and the same goes for maxing out each week with bad form.

I call this my longevity plan for those who want to be strong in powerlifting for a lifetime, however it doesn't work good for duel competitors as well. Not really for you Sneezy but for beginners I would recommend something like this and its easier just to write it here then copy and paste to the beginners forum.

I would suggest a basic 5x5 starting strength type program for the first month,Max out the 5th week, deload the 6th and do wendler's 5/3/1 for the next 1-3 months, and then based on the next 1rep max attempts until failure, where ever the final failures resided then inter-grade westside.
I would agree with you on the point that the template, or program is not for beginners. Beginners would need to build more of a base and understand how to lift and the basics are best. I would disagree that it is for only equipped or geared lifters. Like any workout it's not for everyone, but if your interested give it a try. It does work. Just read up on it or find someone to show you the ins and outs of it. I've been reading, watching, listening, and going through trial and error with it for nearly ten years. And I've loved every minute of it.
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