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ckjdinnj is off to a bad start

sorry about the lack of updates, internet was mest up. so what you guys missed was a rest day, chest/tri/trap day, and leg/shoulder/abb day.

bench 3x8,8,7 145
incline bench 3x10(45's),9(45's),10(40's)
flys 3x10(30's),8(30's),10(25's)
skullcrushers 3x10 65
tricep extension 3x8 40
dips 3x8,7,6 BW
shrugs 3x10 205

Squats 3x8,8,7 190
Jump Squats 4x10 50's
Lunges 3x10 40's
Calf Raises (BB) 3x10 190
shoulder press 3x10 (45's),8 (45's), 10(40's)
Lateral Raises 3x10 (25's), 7(25's), 10(20's)
Front Raises 3x10 20's
Crunches 3x35
bycicles 3x35
reverse crunches 3x35

And today i went on a 4 mile run in 25 mins. My legs were burning from yesterdays workout, but it felt pretty good right afterwards. After my chest/tri/trap day my triceps were so sore it was kinda hard for shoulder press, but didn't really prevent me from doin my best.
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