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ckjdinnj is off to a bad start

Back/bicep/forearm day was a reall killer.

i added in curls, concentration curls, and hammer curls.

Deadlift 3x8 200
Stiffleg Deadlift 3x10 160
Pull-ups 3x8,6,4
Rows 3x10 105
Single Rows (DB) 3x10 40's
Curls (DB) 3x10 25's last set i only got 9
Concentration curls (DB) 3x6(25's), 10(20's), 10 (20's)
Hammer curls (DB) 3x10 20's
Wrist Curls (DB) 3x10 40's
Reverse Wrist Curls (DB) 3x10 15's

I really like my iced tea/lemonade combo. It really gives me the best pumps. i also got my parents to buy pasterized egg whites. I drink them and it really helps alot when getting in all my protien for the day. My legs were really sore from yesterday, luckily i have a rest day tomorrow.
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