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Basic Muscle and Exercise Groups for B.i.Z.Z. Training Splits

Zig Day Groups
1.The Chest Group
#Header exercise:
Barbell Flat Bench Press

#Accessory / Assistance / Supportive Exercises:
Dumbbell Flat Bench Press
Incline Bench Press (including Dumbbells)
Decline Bench Press (including Dumbbells)
Parallel Bar Dip
Fly variations (Incline, Decline or flat, Dumbbells or Cables)
Power (Speed) Bench Press (DE)
Dead-stop Bench Press (including DE).

2.The Back Group
# Header exercise:
Pull-Up (Widegrip, Closegrip, Reversegrip, V-Grip, with Ropes, Conventional or Convex/Curved)

# Accessory / Assistance / Supportive Exercises:
Pull-Down and Pulley variations
Row variations (including DE)
Back Fly variations
Pullover variations

3.The Delt Shoulder Group
#Header exercise:
The Standing Overhead Barbell Press (Military Press)

#Accessory / Assistance / Supportive Exercises:
Shoulder Press variations (dumbbells and Barbell)
Power Jerk (DE)
Push Press variations (including DE)
Lateral Raise variations

4.The Arms Exercise Group
Tricep Exercises
Bicep Exercises
Some good Tricep exercise choices: Barbell or Dumbbell Extension variations, Rope Pulley Extension variations, Parallel Bar Tricep Dip, closegrip Bench Press, JM Press
Some good Bicep exercise choices: Barbell or Dumbbell Standing Curl, Incline Curl, Preacher Curl, Prone Curl

Zag Day Groups
1.The Glute and Quad Group
#Header exercise:
The Back Squat (Low-Bar or High-Bar position)(Full, Quad Parallel, Ham Parallel or Olympic)

#Accessory / Assistance / Supportive Exercises:
Box Squat (including DE)
Front Squat
Lunge variations

#For Rarely Use
Leg Press
Hack Squat
Leg Extension

2.The Posterior Chain Group
#Header Exercise:
The Dead-Lift (Barbell)(Romanian, Conventional or Sumo and their variations)
With or without Rack, Full, Below knee, From Knee or Above Knee etc.

#A (Low and Medial) - Accessory / Assistance / Supportive Exercises:
Dead-Lift (Light) variations including dumbbells (and including DE), bands and pulley.
GM variations
Hyper variations

#B (Upper and Traps mostly, Pull Shoulder Zone) - Accessory / Assistance / Supportive Exercises:
Shrug variations (including DE for Power Shrugs)
Power or Muscle Clean (including DE)
High Pull variations (including DE)
Upright Row variations.
Also can be used: Lateral Raise variations (based on your plan/split)

3.The Calf Exercise Group
Calf Exercises
some good Calf exercise choices: Donkey Raise, Barbell or Dumbbell Calf Raise, Leg Press Calf Press

4.The Abdominal and Core Group
Ab and Core Exercises
Some good choices: Full Range Bench or Swiss-ball Crunch, Reverse Crunch variations, Janda Sit-Up, Ab Pull-Down, Planks etc.

Optional Exercise and Practice Group
1.The Olympic Lifts and Drills Group
Any Lift and Drill (mostly with Zag Days)

Header exercises are recommended to be used in a plan, in one of the 2 "Z" days for each group.
In "big" groups (like back, posterior chain, glutes/quads), someone can have up to 2 exercises per day, according his needs, plan, recovery etc.
And of course in the arm group, it can be one for tris and one for bis

Main Sets

Straight sets
Classic, Wave loading, Contrast load
If failure is used, no more than 2 sets/exercise

Rest Pause sets
Classic, Clusters, 5/4/3/2/1, 4/3/2/1, 3/2/1, and Bulldozer style (*new, added them lately in my recommendations)

Classic, combined with Rest Pause
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