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Originally Posted by bwys61 View Post
rehab can take anywhere from 4-24 weeks, depending on the severity. I tore my quad sprinting and it took a good 3-4 months to start feeling normal again. I did have a great physical therapist though.

Never quit. Its like striking out at your first at-bat(except it physically hurts instead of mentally).

why no knee wraps?

also, what type of suit did you use?
Yeah, I have been reading up and unless it's a full-blown rupture, surgery is rarely needed. I think it's just a class 2 tear based on the descriptions. Obviously I have not medical basis to back up that self-diagnoses. lol

I was competing RAW. I've never squatted with wraps or a belt. I figure if I'm gonna be raw, I'm gonna be RAW to the fuckin core!


That singlet was just a plain 'ol Adidas wrestling singlet

There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.
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