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Originally Posted by IronManlet View Post
Hey guys! I had a quick question:

I'm 18, been on a 5x5 for 5 months with no prior training. 148lbs @ 5'7", Bench: 165x5, Squat: 250x3, and Deadlift: 325x3.

Now, I was originally planning on competing at my first meet next year when I have a bit more experience, but I was advised to go and compete asap to get some experience. There's a raw nationals meet in Toronto on June 12th; teens lift free, and I don't think there is a qualifying total.

I'm just not sure if it's enough time to get ready. I don't know my ORM's, and I have no clue how to prepare or what to do at a meet or anything, really.

So any advice you guys could give me on the subject would be awesome. Should I compete? If so, how should I prepare?

Thanks in advance.
1. Find your 1rm for your lifts asap
2. Check the rules for the federation you're competing in.
specifically check for commands and what gear they allow knee sleeves, wrist wraps, ect.
3. Most people take the week off before the meet..I do the same
4. You're openers should be something you can rep 3-4 times, second attempts should be in you're 1-2 rep range, 3rd attempt...Go for broke.
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