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Default AthleteCreator's Blog Thread

Rather than starting a new thread everytime I post something new in the correlating forum, I figured just one main thread would be sufficient. So, any time I write something new, I'll post up the link here. In general though, you can always just click my sig and it will take you to the main site.

About my blog: it is kind of modeled after T-nation in that I cover everything from a weakening society, weakening of men, style, strength sports, nutrition, random off-topic stuff, and lastly, my transformation from Electrical Engineer to Personal Trainer to Gym owner.

I'm still bush league in that I only average 200 visitors/day, but I have had a few top names stop by and give positive feedback. I don't run any ads yet so I'm not making any money whatsoever, which is why I'm not marketing the shit out of it.

Anyways, here's my latest two posts just to kick things off, feel free to click around though!

I posted this one in a thread all by itself because I was looking for criticism on the program I put together. Feel free to let me know what you think:

Athlete Creator Get Jacked in only 2 Days per Week!

I posted this one on Tuesday night this week. It is BY FAR my most popular post. Like I said, I average 200 visitors/day, but yesterday I had over 500 people read it!! It was getting retweeted all over twitterland and my facebook account has been bombarded. I pretty much told the entire nation of women they are retarded and needed to re-think their training strategies. Some liked it. Some didn't. lol. But, I'm pretty sure that article is going to lead me to my first ever weekend bootcamp. Sweeeeeeet.

Athlete Creator Hey, Chics, You’re Doing it Wrong!


There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.
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