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Default A little bit of everything

Whats going on everyone? I am new to the forum, figured this would be a good way to keep track of training/diet/supplements. I am going to go through a little of my background and try to update this on a daily basis. Diet and supplements will be daily and training log will be after training days (usually Monday Wednesday and Friday, sometimes Saturday instead).

Anyways I started lifting probably 10 years ago in HS, but started competing in RAW powerlifting about 5 years ago. I took a two year hiatus, but in the last have competed 3 or 4 times, not just raw but equipped as well. I currently train out of Bay State Gym in Worcester with some of the best lifters in New England and in my opinion the best powerlifting trainer you can find. We train as a team Mondays and Fridays, our trainer is in around 4pm and stays until 9pm and people come and go as their schedule best fits. We usually train for about 2 hours or so with a combo of heavy sets early then into more of a body building type routine afterwards.

Early April I competed in my first competition @ 181, before that I was always a heavy 198 but decided it was time for a change. I lost the wait in about 10-12 weeks and surprisingly gained strength. My best lifts are:

Bench 320 (competition pause) 345 touch and go
Squat 475 (in competition) 500 (in the gym)
Deadlift 525 (in competition and in the gym)

Bench 407 (in competition) 440 (in the gym)
Deadlift 545 (both competition and gym)
No squatting equipped yet

Currently my goals are to drop another 10 pounds or so of fat. Right around 184 right now, but at only 5'5 I could lose some more.

November the team and I are heading to Vegas for the WABDL Worlds and hopefully by then I will be looking at a 500 bench and 600 deadlift at 181.

My diet is basically an adjusted Atkins Diet. For the first 12 weeks I went with tons of meats, poultry, fish, veggies, eggs, nuts and fruit in the morning, no sugar and very little dairy (just cheese, life would be unbearable without cheese). Worked great, but now is the time to slim down so I have cut fruit in half and replaced it with more veggies, and reduced my nut and cheese intake by 10%. I am still young, I enjoy going out with friends so alcohol comes into play, but in those first 12 weeks I cut it out completely. I do go out once every few weeks, but when I do its some sort of liquor on the rocks and a two drink limit, so we shouldn't see any hindrance there( and never the night before or right after training). Everything else has remained the same and will stay on this for probably 6-7 more weeks then start getting the carbs back in me. I will continue to monitor my weight as well as update it on the log with my diet intake.

As far as supplements go I take the very basic, I am not fully educated on them so if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE feel free to let me know what you think and why. I of course have my ON's Whey protein, I take that with a scoop of glutamine in water as soon as I wake up. After breakfast I take Animal Pak multivitamin, CLA and fish oils. After lunch and dinner another CLA and sometime in-between dinner and bed time another protein shake. PWO I usually have scoop and a half of protein and 2 scoops of glutamine. Like I said this is where my education is lacking, so any suggestions, tips hints etc would be greatly appreciated. I have teetered on the idea of using an ECA stack, but I am going to wait and see 3 weeks to see how the diet is working.

Well that pretty much somes up my work out life. Any comments suggestions critiques will be 100% welcome! I will update this later on tonight with my diet/supplement intake for the day as well as my workout!

Make a brother feel welcome and lets here what you got for me!!
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