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I guess just posting the workouts here rather than making you download them makes more sense. Looks like you had some copy/paste issues so I'll redo it.

HFT (daily)*:
Morning (Record time)
Feet Elevated Push-ups 50
Pull-ups 25
50lb. Sandbag Squats 25
Sandbag Russian Twists 25

Evening (Record time)
Feet Elevated Push-ups 50
Chin-ups 25
50lb. Sandbag Squats 25
Sandbag Woodchoppers 25

* = Completed as fast as possible. Once reps of one exercise
can be completed in only 1 set, weight may be added.

Gym: Day 1
Power Clean (5x5) - Bar Speed
Bench (5/3/1)
Wide Stance Box Squat (3x5)
Chest Supported Rows (3x10)
1-leg DB RDL (3x8)
30 min. low intensity cardio

Day 2
Snatch (5x5) - Bar Speed
Sumo Deadlift (5/3/1)
Standing BB Shoulder Press (3x8)
DB Bulgarian Split Squat (3x8)
Inverted rows (3x10)
30 min. low intensity cardio

To address your concern...

I've got the O-lifts first to minimize risk of injury due to fatigue, and then one of the "the big 3" immediately after for reasons as you stated, maximize risk/reward and minimize risk of injury.

The supplemental stuff afterwards (using high reps) will utilize MUCH lighter weights.

Thanks for the confirmations so far!

There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.
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