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Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
Thats reason enough to do them.

You could do an 8 to 12 week cycle where you work oly lift compounds heavily. You can work around not having perfect technical form for the lifts.

The catch phase of the bar is where things take time to really learn. There are several different opinions on training oly lifts, IMO, there's more than one way to skin a cat, possum, racoon, insert critter of preference.

Training to get under the bar on a snatch is way harder than a clean. However, the snatch is awesome!

You could build a program that utilizes all the basic strength moves of oly lifting. Still do the actual lifts, but go heavy on the moves to build strength.
Go lighter on the actual lifts until you really get the feel for getting under the bar and catching while your down.

Front squats
Overhead squats
Back squats
High pulls with both clean grip, and snatch grip
Good mornings
Standing presses, Push presses, Snatch width presses
There's a few more but you get the idea.

This video is worth watching. Dan John is talking about oly lifting, and covers several areas.

The Video FitCast- Episode 6

Also check out Tommy Kono's vids.

YouTube - Tommy Kono lecture/ instruction on Olympic Lifting Part 1

YouTube - Tommy Kono lecture/ instruction on Olympic Lifting Part 2

Go have some fun with it. You could still do a bit of chest work but I would put it last in any session. Save the energy for building the delts needed to push heavy weight up. Something to think about.

got abs?


He must workout.
Great f*cking post! That's what I would have wanted to say. But I don't know. Call me old school (or just behind the times, whatever) I think the two should mostly be held seperate. Like wanabe said, pick 8-12 weeks, focus on them, do what you need to do, and then switch it up again. You will lose little to NO strength. Promise.

Originally Posted by MuscleandBrawn View Post
Why did the man climb the mountain?

Because the mountain was in the way.

There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.
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