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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I would like to add that the difference between a hardgainer and a big gainer can often just be time. It took me 10 years to get to a 430 raw bench.

Regarding the point Violent Volume made about carbs and fats...junk carbs and fats usually go hand in hand. (Doritos, whatever) I would like to recommend that hardgainers drink more whole milk, and eat more cheese, eggs and beef. These types of foods are often sacrificed at the altar of "clean diet" and avoided completely.
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree Steve. The end result is that yes, they will get bigger and stronger and outrun the hardgainer metabolism. But that said it just seems wreckless to me. Think of dirty bulking as simple carbs and bad fats. Do this type of bulk and you will have dirt all over you.

If you up your calories eating the right things I do believe whole-heartedly that you will get over it as well. It is important to eat a balance of protein, good carbs, & good fats with each meal (not a bulk of rice alone) and eat often and I can almost guarantee it will work if you are consuming the required calories. Eating dirty is just lazy and not wanting to put the effort into it that it takes to bulk semi-clean. Sure have a cheat (anything goes) meal or two one day per week to reward yourself. But I think discipline applies to anyone to do it right.

I just cannot and will not buy into dirty bulking for anyone really. *Except as I've stated before, you are really young and/or a powerlifter.

But I still love ya Steve!
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