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Originally Posted by Mauler97 View Post
Hey guys Steve was nice enought to grab me from and allow me to post an article on here. I'm glad he did, this site is like minus all the kids.

I will try and check and post on here daily, but if you have any questions at all about the Spike Diet please let me know and I will anser them.

My book is being published in Minneapolis, it's currently in the layout design phase and there will be a digital run to get about 200 copies done by the end of the month for a business expo and to be sent of for review and the media.

The commercial run will take 3-4 weeks so I will get a large supply of copies by mid-late October. It will be available then from my site and other sites like Amazon and My goal is obviously to get this to spread from happy "Spikers" word of mouth style so I can get it into the large chain of book stores.

If you are interested in the book and don't want to wait, I am selling the eBook from my site. It's PDF and printable.

Again I really want to thank Steve for the opportunity, and also for the really kind posts from the other members. My feedback from has for the most part been great but there are a few kids and older kids who are kind of set in their ways and will dismiss it without ever trying it.

A little background about me, I grew up the "heavy" kid. I wore husky sized jeans, and from my earliest school aged memories I was singled out and teased for being fat. When I was 13, the summer going into 8th grade I finally had enough and I really wanted to lose weight. My parents tried but they were not much help. They told me to eat salads and drink v-8. I hated both but I had them anyway. I began doing push-ups and jumping on a trampoline daily while beginning an early form of the Spike Diet. While I was eating lettuce with turkey most days for whatever reason I forget, I chose Thursday's to eat what I wanted; I had a Tony's Pizza every Thursday night with Ice Cream for dessert, and I allowed myself to eat the regular school lunch. My weight went from 220lbs to 180lbs from May-September, and when I was back at school I wasn't recognizable to many of the kids there. Knowing what I know now, it worked because I ate very little 6 days a week, very low fat, too low actually but I didn't know any better, but my Thursday binges saved me from starvation mode.

The next several years of my life I still struggled with weight, but on a very minor level. That lead me to eventually just giving up foods like pizza and ice cream for several years.
I bought the Anold Shwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding when I was 16, I learned a lot from that book. Plus that with watching "Pumping Iron" I fell in love with lifting weights and Bodybuilding. I stayed in pretty good shape until my early twenties when I got married. I married one of those ladies with hyper-metabolism, she can eat a lot and not gain a pound, so I tried to keep up with her and once I started eating pizza and ice cream again I was up to the 250's, and then eventually 300, and then up to my highest of 330lbs. During those years I tried about a 3 dozen diets but they never lasted more than a month or two. I really just gave up and I began believing that this was my inevitable fate. Then after I saw pictures of me and my son, with my enormous 46-inch waist just surrounding him I decided I had to lose weight for him AND myself. I wanted him to have a Dad that could run around with him, wrestle, and play ball. At the time I was heading to 400lbs and a wheel chair, I didn't want that to be my life or his life. So I went back to my bodybuilding bible, and began with just cutting calories. The more I read from the more I got hooked on the science of fat burning and I became hopefull that I would find a way to finally lose this weight and keep it off for good.

----Wow this is getting long, I have a lot more to write still so I will come back and finish soon---- I need to find a way to quickly summarize
Back to finish up this story.

That year I really got hooked on bodybuilding, I wanted to get stronger so I read books on power lifting as who knows more about strength than powerlifters? A couple months in I download the Max-OT workout and my workouts after that point would never be the same! I loved Max-OT, I liked the heavy weight, the short workouts, and how I seamed to progress every week.
I have my progress pics on my bodyspace at, but I went from about 330lbs in August to 255lbs in January, my strength shot WAY UP, the difference between this diet and what was to become the Spike Diet was just the Spike Day, I was horribly afraid to cheat. Instead I had high-day/low-days using my BMR with a lot of protein both days (300+ grams) In January I decided to stop dieting and eat more so I upped my calories to about 4K daily and my protein up to 400 grams. From January-March my weight stayed pretty much the same but my strength had another huge jump. I was repping 350lbs 8 times and my arms were getting close to 19inches and my chest about 50inch.

Then I made the mistake of trying to play football again, I was recruited to play semi-pro football for the Oakdale Outlaws. It had been a few years since I quit playing and I was really excited to play again at my new size and strength. We began practicing and hitting at the end of March but I didn't stop lifting heavy. At one of our practices we were doing push-ups for warm-ups and one of the times we were holding a 10 count I felt a pop in my shoulder. It hurt but I didn't really worry about it, then during tackling drills I felt another pop and I had severe pain running down my arm. I basically tore all of the cartilage out of my shoulder and I had bone on bone. I was done lifting whcih completely sucked. I spent several months in rehab before I actually got the surgery I needed. I did however go back on my diet and I upped my cardio to twice a day, and I lost another 30lbs, probably a lot of muscle though. All in all from August-July, 11 months I lost about 105lbs. I learned how to manipulate my metabolism, and how to build muscle or strength while losing weight.

Once I hit 225lbs I quit the cardio and my old eating habits started coming back, I basically gained 20lbs in 3-4 months and I stayed arounf 245-250lbs for a couple of years.

After a bad year in Real Estate I needed a new job and I was hired to manage and train at Anytime Fitness in Elk River, MN I was shocked when I saw my weight was up to 265lbs. I knew if I was going to sell myself I had to be in much better shape so I went back on my old diet and started lifting again. My surgically repaired shoulder was fine with me using the Smith Machine for most of my upper body exercises.

This time though I wanted to lose weight without cardio, because I knew it was something I wouldn't keep doing and I did not want to lose weight to just gain it back again.

I ate high-low again, and I lost almost 20lbs in the first 2 months but then something happened, I hit a plateau. I was stuck at 246lbs. For 2+ weeks I could not get under that number and even worse my cravings we getting beyond my control. I didn't understand what was happening as I logged everything and I was perfect with my numbers it just didn't make any sense. In lieu of losing total control, Itold myself I would give in to these cravings for one day and try and just "get them out" and then I would just start over agsain even if it meant I would gain a few pounds I had to or I would have gone crazy and completely falling off of the boat.

So on the coming Sunday I ate everything I had been literally dreaming of; pizza, donuts, Dairy Queen, about 5,000 calories worth. At the end of the day I felt suprisingly good. Monday my cravings were gone and my energy was outstanding and even better I was shocked when I saw I lost 3lbs when I weighed myself that Friday. So of course I did it again and I lost 2 more pounds the following week. Then I began researching what the heck just happend I found amazing scientific evidence that this does work and it wasn't jsut as fluke. Specifically the studies on leptin and the 1950's study "The Minnesota Semi-Starvation Study" from Dr. Ancel Keys. It all just made total sense.

The Spike Diet was born, and I continued spiking my metabolism weekly. I steam-rolled to my goal weight of 225lbs and beyond. I wrote the ebook and others began my diet with great success.

Currently I am still in the 217-220lbs range depending on water weight, I'm going on 10 weeks of maintaining and still to this day I have not done any

Sorry this was long, but my background and life growing up lead me to this point, and basically for my own sanity I had to find a way to get in shape and stay that way. I am tired of being the fat kid and fat man, but I also love to eat like one.

The Spike Diet is my dream come true. 20 years of yo-yo dieting is now at an end, and I am now finally able to follow a plan for the rest of my life that will keep me fit and not deprive myself of the foods I love.

Please visit for more information.

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