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Bench day. I've slowly widdled down my frequency to the point where I'm essentially training one lift per session. I'm not normally a fan of this method, but it feels good right now and I think the increased recovery time is a big plus as I start to become more specialized and start doing more of the competition lifts with competition form.

Today I did something different. I didn't use my comp form in my warmups. Instead I used a closer grip and brought the bar higher on my chest. This puts less stress on my shoulders and elbows and allows me to warm up the muscles without killing my joints and tiring out my back, which is a big problem with my tuck and arch comp bench form.

Once the weights got heavy I slowly started moving my grip out until I was at competition width. This also brought my ROM down with each subsequent set which helped me be more confident when the weights really got up there.

Once again, I have multiple PRs to report, which is a great feeling.

Bench, warm up form-
45x a bunch

Comp form with medium grip-

Comp form with wide comp grip-
315x1 PR
275x5 PR

Comp form with wide comp grip and single ply bench daddy-

Dead press from the pins, just above chest height with training form-

The first set of these tired me out, so on the 2 other sets I actually racked the weight at the top. This took out the negative and helped me work on explosiveness. The 315 was a real grinder. The first time I tried it I was just slightly out of the groove and the weight wouldn't budge. I got reset and pushed like my life depended on it and it very slowly rose up until it was locked out.

Tricep roll-ups-
25x a bunch
30xfailure+4 forced reps

I haven't benched since I believe last Friday, so I felt really fresh today. 315 flew up, and I definitely could have gone for 335, but I have to control myself and just stick to my plan. Even the 345 with the bench daddy flew up fast and strong. The key is going to be doing enough benching with my competition form so that I'm ready to lift as much as possible, but not so much that it burns me out or leaves me prone to injury.

Honestly, depending on how the rest of my cycle goes I may be able to get upwards of 350 raw in a couple more months.
Current PRs at 242, raw w/ wraps- 525, 355, 605, 1485
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