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Originally Posted by agvares
but they all used gear. it's simply so, it doesn't take anything away from their accomplishments.

Synthetic steroids did not exist, nor was testosterone in use in athletics when Reg Park won his first Mr. Universe title in 1951. It's possible that the Soviet physicians were experimenting with it on Weightlifters as early as that time, but a statistical analysis of Weightlifting totals does not indicate so and hints otherwise. In fact, 1952 is thought to be the earliest year that athletes anywhere in the world (namely, the Soviet Union) were "using". No one in the west had realized that testosterone had possible athletic applications until late 1954. Reg Park weighed two pounds heavier at the Mr. Universe in 1971 (when steroids were available) than he did in 1951 (when they were not in use). So, if Park did start taking steroids when they became widespread in the 1960s, they contributed two pounds to his physique.

It is possible that in the later part of his career Park could have used steroids, but he most certainly did not when he won his first Mr. Universe title... and he only got marginally bigger after that. If you look at photos of Park from his 1951 Mr. Universe win, to his 1958 Mr. Universe win, to his last competitions in the 1970s you'll see that his physique, while perhaps showing gradual "refinements", did not increase in size substantially. That suggests that if he used steroids when they became available to him he either didn't use enough (or possibly only took them pre-contest, which was how bodybuilders of the early 1960s typically did it), started training like a pansy and used steroids to maintain his physique, or didn't use them at all.

And, no, Reg Park's physique was not beyond what a man 6'1" tall with 8" wrists and 9.5" ankles could "theoretically" achieve without steroids. In fact, scaled for height and structure he comes out at almost the same statistics exactly as Dave Goodin, Ben Tennessen or any other of the modern drug-tested pros... The WeighTrainer - Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements

I really don't know how to make it any clearer than that and I cannot fathom that a human brain can be too stupid to understand it. How some of you can continue to repeat dumb blanket statements like, "Reg Park used gear", with no proof whatsoever, in light of all that's been said in this thread is beyond me.

Please don't post spreading misinformation, ignorance, and fabrications to people who are reading this and don't know otherwise. If you have some psychological condition that makes you need to believe that everyone who ever built an impressive physique was taking steroids, then that's too bad for you. But at least make an effort to learn what you're talking about before you shoot your mouth off.

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