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Casey on Grimek and roids:

From all that can be gathered about Grimek's testosterone/steroid use it looks like he never got his hands on testosterone until very late 1954 or 1955 - five to six years after he retired from competition. However, he did know about testosterone before that, because he purportedly inquired about it in a letter to Paul de Kruif sometime after de Kruif's book, The Male Hormone, was released in 1945. In that book, however, de Kruif promotes testosterone primarily to the medical community for the aging and people in specific need of it - he makes no leap to its potential use by athletes but does say, "what could it do for a healthy person?" People often use that book to "prove" that bodybuilders were using testosterone in the 1940s, but the book makes no such connections and testosterone wasn't being manufactured and wasn't available at that time because of it's FDA status anyway.

By his own and Ziegler's accounts, Grimeks mid-1950s 'trial' of testosterone wasn't successful and he stopped within a few weeks because he thought it wasn't doing anything for him and he might be actually getting weaker. It then looks like he then went on synthetics (Dianabol) in 1959 or later - a decade after his retirement from competition.

As for the mid-1950s 'experiment' I can see a couple of possible explanations for the lack of results. One) Ziegler (the physician who was administering testosterone to Grimek) had seen Soviet athletes who had experienced horrible side-effects due to testosterone use (one even needing a catheter) and was, no doubt, being very cautious with his initial doses. Ziegler himself said that he was afraid of the possible side-effects of testosterone use and that's what prompted him to co-develop Dianabol with CIBA. Grimek probably had very high natural testosterone levels (he was, after all, incredibly gifted for lifting) and when the exogeneous testosterone was introduced his body could probably balance the levels by reducing it's own production. I've known a few users who experienced no results whatsoever on low doses of testosterone enanthate - not until they increased the injections past a certain threshold that overcame their body's own abilities to compensate. And Two) Grimek might have gone gung-ho because he knew he was taking testosterone and ended up overtrained.

Both explanations are just speculation, but I'm not really surprised that he got no results on Ziegler's likely very low doses of testosterone suspension.

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