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Default Please critique my Squat And Deadlift form.

Hey Steve, my buddy directed me to your Youtube videos which I liked a lot.

I've been lifting/bodybuilding for a couple of years (on and off) but now I'm stalling in my essential lifts: back squat and DL.

So, I wanted to ask if you can look at my vids and tell me why I have such a difficult time getting my DL and squat strength up even though I've read Starting Strength and applied it (it's been a few years so I may have forgotten some of it).

It feels like I'm not activating posterior chain, especially glutes, enough in these lifts, but I simply can't feel them except at the top. This means my lower back takes the load and feels uncomfortable -- not painful: I'd stop if I felt pain. Yes, I try and flex my core/abs as best as I can. I do ab roll-outs too. But I feel like I only DL with quads and lower back, and that is fucked up!

I've done some fire hydrants at home to try and activate the glutes but eh... they're always asleep at the gym. Poor mind muscle-connection?

I'm determined to do whatever it takes to improve and grow bigger. If I could activate all the right muscles today and my lower back wasn't an issue, I feel like could deadlift 3 plates instead of 2!

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