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So I guess ill start things off with a little back story. About 8 years ago I weighted about 260 at 6í2Ē, I decided I would try to get myself in shape like a lot of people I started out with the crummy home gym stuff I got as a kid but quickly grew out of that and got my first membership at the YMCA, Over the next four years I spent tons of hours training, and reading anything I could get my hands on. Now after the four years was up I moved up to a salary based position and started working 50-60 hour work weeks on second shift and with my young family finally gave up lifting for last four years. When I stopped I was 198 at 6% body fat and had switched my body building, themed work outs to power lifting style program. Having a brother in law that does a lot of competitive powerlifitng didnít hurt. Now Iím in a new industry with nights weekends off, so I ready to get back to it I have currently been looking for a good gym in the St. Louis area where I can build back up and focus on a powerlifting program.
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