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Originally Posted by bwys61 View Post
ok then. what about natural strength versus natural mass?
Steroids add muscle density and HGH creates new muscle volume. So because of this, and obviously, a steroid/HGH user will get stronger. I hate to separate HGH from steroids, because I would wager that most elite powerlifters use both.

The gap between steroid using powerlifters and drug-free powerlifters isn't as wide as the gap between steroid using bodybuilders and drug-free bodybuilding. Elite steroid-using bodybuilders carry over 50 more pounds of muscle then the natural Mr. O.

Each year, the natural Mr. Olympia winner weigh's around the low 190's. Each year the steroid Mr. Olympia weighs 250+. Last year's Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson, weighed around 240. So 50 pounds is a fair number.

As for powerlifters, let's compare the raw world records for the natural fed (100% Raw) and the open fed (Raw Unity Meet). I've spoken with both of these fed presidents (Paul Bossi and Eric Talmant) numerous times either via phone or email the last month. I know their drug-testing policies, and I know 100% Raw is drug-free. I'm also very confidant that Raw Unity's top guys use steroids.

I will compare the Open Division for the 275 pound weight class, the 220 pound class, and the 165 pound class.

275 Drug-free...1850
275 Steroid...2060

220 Drug free...1695
220 Steroid...1725

165 Drug free...1335
165 Steroid...1532

A couple of notes...100% Raw has been around longer, so the difference between the world records will be comparatively smaller then if RUM had been around just as long.

Second thought, steroid using powerlifters generally use different steroids then bodybuilders. These steroids are geared towards strength and not mass.

Lastly, many of the drug using lifters in this example from Raw Unity most likely didn't take HGH. It's a new meet, and is still trying to attract the elite of the sport.

Steroid using bodybuilders rely on intensity and overall number of contractions to build muscle, therefore strength is not the key factor needed to achieve muscle gain. Steroid using powerlifters need raw strength. It's much easier to get in volume of contractions then it is to gain additional strength. This is another reason why the gap between steroid users and drug-free athletes is so much different between the sports.

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