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posted this up in my training log, but wanted to post it here as well. Modified things just slightly, and loving it so far. Here's what I'm running; trying to keep it basic but fun:

Workout A
Incline DB: 3-4x6-8
T-Bar Row: 3-4x6-8
Lat Raises: 2-3x10-12
Squats: 3-4x8-10
Leg Curls: 2-3x10-12

Workout B
Standing OHP (DBs): 3-4x6-8
Heavy Lat Pulls (until I can do chins): 3-4x6-8
RDLs: 3x8-10
DB Lunges: 2-3x8-10

ABA/BAB set-up. So far, the dips/OHP combo has worked, but I might drop the dips if it gets to be too much, or the arm work at the end of the routine. I'm also not sure how my shoulders will respond to dips w/regularity; I hear mixed reviews abt the impacts on the cuffs.

Current stats: 5'9"; 161lbs


Incline DB: 3x8, 8, 7 w/ 65lbs DB's
T-Bar Row: 3x8, 8, 8 w/ 110lbs
Lat Raises: 3x12, 12, 12 w/15lbs
Squats: 3x10, 10, 10 @ 180lbs
Leg Curls: 2x12 @ 95lbs

Question on the t-bar rows. Right now, I'm using 45lbs plates, but read somewhere that you want to go with 25lbs or 35lbs plates increase the range of motion. Am I losing out a lot by using 45lbs and sacrificing that 3/4 inch or so of extra ROM, or that is broscience at its finest?

Back at it on Thursday.
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