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Thanks Guys

Bar, 95 x 10 135, 205 x 5, 255 x 3, 295 3, 325 x 3
245 x 16

Left some in the tank today, not smart training to push both squats and deads on the same week. Will bump up weights on Declines next session then deload following week.
Condense & DPol definitely making a big difference in training stamina and recovery.
Weighed myself the other day 227 with just under a 36 waist line, yeah baby!
Recap< During this trial period have lost bf and added lbm. Have also notice better restful sleep sometimes feeling completely rested with only 6.5 hrs, awesome.

Have experiences two draw backs:
Beta tingles, this is hit or miss for me & vary in degree from very mild to mild, not a big deal but wanted to mention it.
Increased BA RM trips not surprising this is common side for me just wanted to mention it as well.
Have used more aggressive Test boosters with much harsher sides, imo DPol wins hands down.
No Crash here, No need for pct, nads are same if not larger.
Endorsing this combo will be adding this to my training supplements. BAM!
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