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Default Consuming way more protein than recommended

-First off, this is my first time posting on this forum, so if more information pertaining to my problem is needed, please ask.

I have been using an app to log my food intake and track my macros.

It is recommended that I consume:
and -551carbs

per day.

So far, I have logged about 7 meals (most super shakes and after workout protein drinks. I only have logged breakfast so far)

Now, apparently, I am OVER my Protein and Fat intake (around 126grams of Protein and 19grams of fat) but still have about 305 calories to go.. I still need to log lunch and dinner..

My question is, is it OK to over-consume Protein? I mean over 100 grams of it? I'm looking online but can't find anyone with a similar problem in regards to needing more calories.

Goal: Gain muscle
my stats:

For any help, I appreciate it.
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