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Thanks Ravi.

Meet write-up part three

There was an even longer wait between bench and deadlifts. Plenty of time to eat, rest and really stiffen up unfortunately. My lower back was sore and my right glute had a knot the size of a football in. I stretched and rolled and got loose as best I could but I was tired. Banged a load more caffeine and sat down for a while longer while flight one did their thing. As flight two went out I rolled and stretched again and got in my suit. I was stiff but my CNS was flying so I knew I didn't need many warm-ups. I hit 100, 140, 170, 200 with about a 10 minute gap between each rep. I put the belt on @140 and straps up from 170. Good news was the bar was flying. Maybe I could finally get a PB. Inbetween my warm-ups I watched our guys in flight two. Sam pulled somewhere around 260 @81.8 and Dan who is a junior pulled a record 280 @88 on his 4th. The stims were kicking in now so I was well and truly excited.

I asked Jerry to slap me and get me ready to pull. I had no idea at the time how awesome a decision this was. Before I explain why I'll give you some info on Jerry:

- He set-up Darkside with Andy
- Screwed his knee so stopped squatting
- Benched 350 and pulled 370 in competition @125kg
- Retired and dieted for 2 years whilst training BB style and is now 110 with abs and is jacked
- To say he is a legend is an understatement

Again there were only 7 people in the flight but with my opener being so low, I was up 3rd. Jerry pulled me to the front and did up my belt (I put the buckle at the back to pull). He then shoved his face next to mine and proceeded to deliver a speech that had me ready to throw the bar through the ceiling. As they called that the bar was loaded, he slapped me in the face, then slapped me on the back and I pulled it with ease. Called for 230 for a second and then Jerry had me calm down and leave the room. I walked around, cleared my head and tried to slow my breathing down. Same as last time when I was one lifter out he pulled me to the side of the platform. This time it was serious. I knew I could get 215 but I had never sumo pulled more than 220 and I hadn't pulled more than 215 from the floor since my last meet in June! Again a slap in the face and a huge clap on my neck and I pulled it better than my first. Now we're on! I called for 242.5 on my third; a lifetime PB. I called up every ounce of rage for that lift. My hand caught on my thigh near the top so lockout was a bit slow but I got the down call, looked around at the room and placed the bar down. 2 whites and I had my first deadlift PB in over 2 years.
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