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Thanks guys.

Meet write-up part 2

Had a pretty long break after squats. I smashed some food, a load of Ibuprofen and generally chilled out and helped out the other DSB guys. As flight two went out I started benching. I was stiffening badly in my hips and lower back from squats and the driving the day before so plenty of deep heat on, band stretches and a load of foam rolling. 60 felt awkward on set-up and 100 did too. Next set was 140 with a slingshot and that felt a little better. Shirt on at this point and I hit 155 off a 3, 170 off a 2 and last rep was 185 off a 1 which was a bit slow but never in doubt. Timed it well and only had to wait a few minutes before the flight started.

Everyone had been saying that the platform was slick and leg drive was impossible. Couple of guys has opened raw they were so worried but I stuck to my plan. I was last up this time. Andy had wet the shirt and it felt snug so I was confident I had the weight back on. First attempt was hard. I have been forcing my knees out wide on bench but with no purchase on the floor I decided to bring them narrower. By rolling onto the inside of my feet I had some grip so I went with that. 200 came down ok. I hesitated a little at the bottom but got a press call and came up slowly but easily. Too third was hard with no leg drive but 3 whites and I knew I wasn't going to bomb. No be bombs deadlift. Second attempt was a conservative 205. Bar came down well but again I slowed at the chest and had to fight a bit. Press was ok but slower. 3 whites again and called for 210. This was the end goal. If I had a perfect day, this would have been my third. Now I was here and it was loaded. We pulled the shirt down a bit so I knew I had to descend fast to get it down. Touch was ok, the bar flew off the chest but again I stalled near the top. The bar was barely moving and I wasn't sure I could get it then I heard someone shout: "Don't give up!" I kept pushing, untucked my shoulders and muscled it to lockout. 2 whites and a good lift. I was stoked!!!
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