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Meet write-up part 1

Weighed in on Saturday at 99.3kg and started the process of gaining the weight back. By the time I left for Birmingham at 4pm I was already back up to 101. Had two dinners with the team just to make sure of the weight and then got an early night.

Sunday morning I woke early and hit the breakfast buffet just before it opened. Three plates of food and four coffees later I felt like I had my money's worth and was ready to head to the meet. A short drive and we found the gym right next to a McDonald's so we stopped for another coffee and some oatmeal. Got to the venue at 9am ish and got my bearings. Helped some of our lightweight lifters and waited for my flight (3rd) to come up. I started warming up as flight 2 went out to start and moved slowly up through the weights. Got my briefs on early @140kg and then took 190kg in suit bottom. Didn't push for depth and came up fast from the sticking point but I fell forward at the top. Nothing to worry about, just came up too fast except it happened again @220 which I took with wraps and straps down. One of our guys had me set-up further under the bar for my last warm-up. I hit 250kg with straps up. Went about 3/4 of the way down and then flew up. Held it at the top and racked nicely. Sorted. Moved through to the platform and got my game face on. Problem number 2: there was a 10minute break between flights. Nothing I could do so I just out my track suit on, my hood up and tried to relax. Soon enough my flight was announced. I already knew I was the only equipped lifter but I was a bit shocked to find out that although the flight had 9 or 10 lifters in, only 7 were full power. This was going to be quick. I was up 6th and the guys in front of me weren't wrapping so I got set 2 lifters out and was too early. The guy before me WAS wrapping and was slow. Damn. Tried to keep blood in my legs and soon I was up. Had Andy (coach) call my depth so I knew I would be in. Unracked strong, started but went down too slow, suit locked up and no up call. Damn. I inched further and further down, my head was exploding, finally I got the call and came up. A slow rep but never in doubt. Stood tall, rack command, three whites and I'm in the meet. Stuck to the plan and went 290 for my second. My handler barely had enough time to roll my wraps before it was time to go again. This time I was ready a bit late but no worries. I set-up, looked around, shit! No Andy!!! We had gone through the flight so quickly he wasn't ready. I was on my own. Unracked, start command and this time I went down faster. Still controlled but faster. I went to what I thought was depth, then a little bit more and came up. The squat was FAST so I thought I was high. Nope. Whites again and I'm 2/2. Called for 300 and sat back down. Again the flight went very quickly and I was wrapped in perfect time. Hit the salts, got a slap and hit the platform. As I went to unrack the bar didn't feel right on my back. I think it took three attempts to get it out but I stood up and got a start command. As I started my descent I felt my weight on my toes, I tried to sit back but couldn't correct. I jumped my up call by a half second but fell forward coming out of the hole and called for the spotters to take it. I was frustrated because I had the strength for that lift but failed on technical issues. Still, I was CRAZY nervous coming in and 290kg was a 42.5kg PB so plenty to be happy about. Time to get some food, rest and get ready for bench.
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