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Default New program ideas

I need some feedback. I've been messing with a new program. I'm going to start beta testing some of the workouts tomorrow, but I thought I would throw the basic idea out there and see what the reaction is. It's based on a combination of a number of different programs along with my personal beliefs and experience.

I've never been a fan of the idea of having your sessions committed to certain movements. The program I'm trying now (cube), has a deadlift day, a bench day, a squat day, and a bodybuilding day that includes military presses, and it has different workouts for speed, max strength, and higher rep training.

I'd like to go about things differently. Instead of training the movements, I want to train the attributes I want. Here's what I'm thinking-

a 4 day upper/lower split. 1 upper bodybuilding day, 1 lower bodybuilding day, 1 upper speed/max strength day, and 1 lower speed/max strength day. the bodybuilding days would be the same every week, but the speed/max strength days would be based on a 4 week cycle with a different workout every week.

There would be 4 main movements trained on the speed/max strength days- Bench and military press on upper days, and deadlift and squat on lower days.

It's slightly confusing, but here's how the 4 different sessions are designed. I'll explain with the lower body movements.

lower power day #1-
Starts with speed work and slowly builds up to max strength work. Squat is the first movement, then deadlift and deadlift variations finish the workout.

lower power day #2-
Same as #1, but this session starts with deadlift and deadlift variations and ends with squats.

Lower power day #3-
Starts with high intensity strength work then ends with speed work. Squat is done with high intensity, then deadlift is used for speed work.

Lower power day #4-
Same as #3, but again the order of the movements is flipped around.

This exact same scheme is used for upper body work, but the movements are replaced with bench and military press. All 4 movements get the same amount of attention and are used for both speed work and max strength work over the course of the 4 week mesocycle.

Because there's no auxiliary work on the power days it makes time for use of more variations. That keeps things interesting and allows for the flexibility to use whatever variations are best for any given person's situation.

I have actual workouts written, but I just wanted to throw these ideas out there and see if they make sense.
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