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Cool Day 3


ok I am from Uk so 73 Kg is 161lbs :P and today i woke up and i am 166 lbs but this is water weight lol i assuming.

ok didnt get a good nights sleep i think Hghup doesnt agree with me sleeping but i will still keep dose it says others use all 5 at night or morning, also others say it makes you sleep better i do however when i wake up in morning am not tired but get lack of sleep lol.

sorry i labeled them as free foods, i drink alot of water in gym nearly 4 litres, coming to summer and gym real hot, and the women add to that :P

i will look at zig zag diet now!

Diet today:

2 eggs 2 eggs white alot of vegatables
coffee mixed with glutamine/creatine/cinammon/splenda
protein shake with flaxseed/neovar
Two smoked cod/ full can pinto beans and haricot beans/ lots of vegatables/mushrooms/flavoured water
smoked cobbler/chicken/haricot beans two cans. vegatables or Chili con carne (mince,pinto beans/haricotbeans and some tuna mixed in lol dont ask and tomato puree lower in sugar)
My Power Cake with MIlk
(whey protein/flaxseed/yogurt 0 fat/splenda optional nutes or berris 2 eggs and 2 egg whites)

i think this goes to about 3000 calories today its just i we bit parnoid about yesterday.

Gym TIME! ( i do use a stop watch)
Hindu press ups as many as i can in 30x2 secs
Shoulder dips
5x5 30 secs rest between 1 set
1m 30 secs rest
Weighted vest 5x5 20 secs rest between each set

shoulder pull (dumbell) single arm 30 secs rest each weight
10x1 20Kg
10x1 22.5KG
10x1 25Kg
10x1 27.5Kg
10x1 30Kg
1min 30 secs rest

8x1 31.5Kg
8x1 32.5Kg

Shoulder press machine

one arm 30 secs rest
55kg 8x1
60kg 8x1
70kg 8x1
80kg 8x1
90kg 8x1

two arms

100Kg maximum in machine 5x5 30 secs rest each set

lat pull down 30 secs rest each set
8x1 40kg
8x1 50kg
8x1 55kg
6x1 60Kg
6x1 65Kg


30 secs holding out 5x1( it builds lower back lying on the floor)

20kg plate pulls 30 secs rest each set


snap catch dumbells 7.5KG ( you let go of dumbell then catch it as fast as possible)
10x5 front ways and side ways.

20kg kart push up and down 5x5 no rest till failure

resistance band shoulder work


Cross trainer

cross ramp 12
reistance 6-9 30 minutes

ok before you say anything i do jujitsu and mma other sports, i do lot of runs like mini marathons swimming etc.

Finally i not sure what body type i am but i know my natual weight was 81kg before i ever started eating right and cutting weights for fights etc.

neovar i think of using at preworkout

Feelings after all that great pumped and was ready for more

went home and used kettlebells for my back lol

neovar already bringing out my veins
From day one i felt my strength go way way up at gym.

i think for four weeks bulk and then get another hghup bottle and slowy cut then.

my mood is good.

i will not lie but last night i didnt have the bacon etc i had 2 cans of heinz weight watcher beans ( there my mums and reduced sugar lol) mixed with tuna and chiken and after that had cottage cheese

and my power muffins

Hghup has to be taken on a empty stomach before or after 2 hours i waited 3 hours after that big meal lmao

p.s lets just say the next morning all that fibre came out in the end lol

please dont hate the way i workout i do alot of interval and circits etc

But i do days where i follow pavel 5x5 program and conctentrate on compound movements

i have never dead lifted i usually hindu squat so i will start tommorrow dead lifting as its avery big muscle builder.

last notes:
have in my head to just eat normally and see the effects of hghup but bulking i enjoy the extra big meals lmao

also my motto

"Eat clean, Stay lean , Train like a ****ing machine"

also i am dyselix so i will try my best to keep my grammar and writing my best

thanks for all the help and following this

Finally last more words , i do not thnk i am a kick ass person or big headed i do mma cause i enjoy the training i am not looking to be a ego prick so before anyone thinks i am one of them guys i amnot and please hold nothing against me if i fight with workouts :/ dont want ot cause a war,

I really do appriecate all the advice

Day 3 and feeling good
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