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Default Program Critique?

Hey I just wanted to follow a simple full body program. I have a program which I made for myself. I haven't tried it out yet. I wanted to know if it is suitable and if any changes should be made. e.g total volume, intensity or progression .

Day 1 Barbell Back Squat: 4 sets total of 35 reps. Once I get 35 reps I'll up the weight by 2.5kg. If I am in a rut I will lower the volume by 5 reps. Until I hit a pr of 4 sets total of 20 reps. And then start again with a heavier weight than before and try and get 35 reps.
Flat barbell Bench: 5 sets total of 35 reps: Same as above.
One arm Dumbbell rows: 4 sets total of 35 reps: Similar to above.
curls 3 sets

Day 2 Deadlift 1-4 sets of 6*, Overhead press 3 sets total of 24 reps similar to above , Chins 4 sets total of 25 reps. Similar to above. Dips 3 sets total of 25 reps.

Day 3. Squats: Same as above. Bench Same as above. Rows same as above. curls 3 sets.

* Deadlift progression e.g week 1 90kg 4 sets of 6, week 2 90kg 3 reps 95 kg 3 sets of 6, week 3 90,95 3 reps 2 sets of 6 100kg, Week 490,95,100 for 3 reps then 1 set of 6 at 105kg. Start again at 95kg.

Note: I have more pushing volume than pulling volume because I am much stronger at pulling than I am at pushing. My dumbell rows are 50 kg in each hand for 7 reps While I can do a 60 kg barbell bench for the same. I will adjust this in the future.
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