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Default Getting back into it again.

Hello everyone,

I've been a longtime lurker and I finally decided to make an account because I find the community to be awesome! Anyways I sort of need some help or a direction of sorts.

Long story short, I just recovered from a pilonidal cyst removal surgery. It lasted almost a year because the wound kept reopening and I ended up being allergic to the pain killers. I ended up dropping 20 pounds because it killed my appetite, that and I stopped working out (Went from 140 to 120 lbs- Also I'm 5'9").

So I know that eating is going to be my main goal and after much research, eating of course is going to be more important than a program itself. However, that is where I need help. Maybe not an exact program to pick (though that would be nice) but more of what kind of program to follow. I've had much conflicting info from many people over the years. I've been told by trainers in the past to stick to a 5-day bro-split, or by some people on reddit to merely just do Starting Strength (my main goal is just an improved physique, although strength gains would be nice, just icing on the cake).

What I did was do a little bit of both off and on for about a year until I had to get that damn cyst removed. So now I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things. So my question to you all, is what kind of program I should follow? Strength or bodybuilding? And if either, what kind? Full-body or a split?

I apologized for the long post but any sort of advice/criticism/anything is appreciated!
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