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JP88 is off to a good startJP88 is off to a good startJP88 is off to a good startJP88 is off to a good start

You can try adding liquid b12 along with your 50mg caffeine. And get the good one like Now Foods ULTRA B-12 LIQUID for instance. I don't use it everyday, but I'll substitute it for a coffee or if I need a little pick-me-up I'll use it.

I cycle on and off with Hemavol pre workout. It's a non stim that has a great dose of b12 in it. Stuff works.. not amazing energy, but that initial boost to get you going. Great pumps though!
"Itís called the pump people, you got to experience it, itís one of the better highs in life , you donít need to shoot up for it ,you donít need to snort it, all you got to do is sweat for it."

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