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Originally Posted by Adamite1114 View Post
I have a question as to why bodybuilders use such high reps? For example Brad Borland here ( shares his workout routine and his reps go as high as 15! Is this actually productive? Does this bring out different results? Do you have to be advanced to train in such a way?

I appreciate all the feedback and answers guys. Thanks!
There was a member, over there, that used 20 rep sets, which I found unusual because most others were not using such high range reps at all. He was a bodybuilder and had been competing, from what I recall, for quite a while. I believe he used them for several weeks every so often, then altered his rep range to a lower range.

He was in great shape, had plenty of lean mass, so I assume he was getting the results he wanted from them.

I'm not sure you have to be advanced to train in the 20 rep range because that's the rep range I started out with which is what surprised me when I saw the bodybuilder using almost the same set-up, with a similar number of exercise, rep range and sets to what I was using when I initially began; however, from what I can remember, he only utilised the set-up at the start of each program/routine that he appeared to be doing, because after a few weeks, the 20-rep sets would be replaced with a lower rep range set-up.

I can't remember his name so can't locate his journal for you to look at. I looked through some of the journals, to see if it would trigger the memory because I think you would have been interested to read it, but sadly I can't find it.
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