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Default Back again

Posted on here a bit last year, but life started to get into the way. Have been training in the time since, but have been focused more on general fitness (running, circuit training, etc) and weight maintenance.

I'm practically a stick figure (5'9", 155lbs), and am interested in putting on a little mass. My goals aren't anything too crazy, and while I certainly respect the goals of power lifters and/or bodybuilders, I'm really just looking to add a little bit of mass to get me into the 170-180 range.

I'm looking at a few routines right now, including Steve's 3-day, full body dumbbell routine on the M&S forum, and another I came across that uses the same moves 3x a week:

Squats: 3x8
Pulls ups or row: 3x8
Bench (DB or flat bar: 3x8
Shoulder Press: 3x8
Bar curl: 3x8
Skullcrusher: 3x8

Wondering if there is any downside to running the same exact routine 3x a week? I know a lot of the classic BBers used to, and also know that at this point, I need to focus solely on getting more comfortable with the basics and adding weight to the bar as often as possible.

Any recommendations between the two? I know it's one of those things where you can't go wrong either way and are better off not overthinking it, but nevertheless appreciate any advice you guys might have.

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